Blogging Struggles

    In my mind, my blog isn’t even close to good enough compared to all the other bloggers I’ve seen.  I’m writing this to show everyone the struggles I’ve come across and I hope to fix them soon.  Some of the struggles I’ve had are: 1) Finding good content I think writing is theContinue reading “Blogging Struggles”

David Lagercrantz

For those of you who don’t know him, David Lagerrantz is a writer who is continuing Steig Larsson’s Millennium series. He’s also wrote I am Zlatan Ibrahimović and Fall of Man in Wilmslow. He wrote Zlatan before he started writing the rest of Larsson’s book series. Lagerrantz, like Larsson, was born in Sweden. However, Lagerrantz was born inContinue reading “David Lagercrantz”

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