The Role of Women

A long time ago if someone asked me what I would want to be when I grow up I would’ve said, “I want to work with animals.” I said this with my experience with animals being only my family pets. I didn’t think that I wouldn’t like it after I experienced it. After watching aContinue reading “The Role of Women”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 4

“The cards are one ninety nine,” a curly haired woman said as I scanned the rest of her merchandise. “Who spends four dollars on a card?” My blood was boiling at this point. My other coworker was watching and came over. “No mam, all of those cards are four dollars each.” “Well, then take thoseContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 4”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 3

Prompt: There is a prison where there are no guards, yet the prisoners are too afraid to try and escape. “You think they’d believe us?” Snake said. He had a bald head and his long orange sleeve shirt what curled up to reveal the snake tattoo that winded around his arm. His roommate looked downContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 3”

Cinder by Marisa Meyer: Book Review

¬†Today I finally finished reading Cinder, the first book in The Lunar Chronicles Series. I was in awe of how Marissa Meyer managed to adapt the role of women today and integrate it into this book. Cinder is¬†not¬†the helpless princesses in need of someone to save her. She does¬†not¬†fall in love with the prince rightContinue reading “Cinder by Marisa Meyer: Book Review”

The Fifth Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

Just read that a woman named Chelsea Owens has been doing poetry contests every week. When I saw this I was super excited and all the poems I’ve read so far are really interesting and funny. Although some of them have made me think:¬†why have you done this?¬†     Some rules for the contestContinue reading “The Fifth Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest”

Why copyright is intoxicating

Copyright is mess, I’ve tried to think of one positive thing to say about it and I honestly just can’t find anything. The only thing copyright protects is whoever claims an idea first -not the always artist, not always the people who helped make it, just whoever claims it. Big companies like Disney could crushContinue reading “Why copyright is intoxicating”


Write, Even if you don’t want to. ¬† Write, ¬† Even if no one sees it. ¬† Write, ¬† Even if you think it’s probably the worst idea ever. ¬† Write, ¬† Even if you think it won’t mean anything to anyone. ¬† Write, ¬† Even if everyone including yourself doesn’t like it. ¬† Write,Continue reading “Write”