Should the Millennium Trilogy Continue?

If you’re into fictional crime novels, you’ve probably at least heard of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium TrilogyIt became a big hit, selling millions of books in several different languages. It has all kinds of crime, from computer hacking to murder. It is one of the most complex and intriguing book series that I have ever read.

However, after the death of the original author, the story seems to have come to an end. He had planned to write many more volumes, but unfortunately he never for the chance. I am currently almost finished reading his second book, The Girl Who Played with Fire. Even though I hadn’t read the forth book yet, I believe Larsson’s passion for the story might be enough motivation for others to finish the story for him.

I’ve read serval book series in my life, the only ones that I loved were the ones where more than one person contributed to the story. I read the Warrior Cats series when I was younger. It has over twelve series of books and a couple of authors. I think allowing others to add to the story makes it a lot less predictable and a lot more interesting.

I think the way Larsson wrote his books will keep us wanting more. If you read his books, you know it mostly focuses on Lizbeth Slander, but the spotlight isn’t always on her. Every few pages or so Larsson changes the perspective, making it harder for the reader to piece together what’s going on. For the majority of the second book, Slander’s perceptive wasn’t seen often. Which allowed the reader to draw their own conclusions about what happened to her and gave them the motivation to want to continue reading.

Again, I am upset that Larsson will never be able to finish the book himself. However, I think the message his was trying to send is far more important. Crime is still committed, and good people have to suffer because of it. I think continuing his books will help the public learn about crime in a fun and intriguing way.

Do you think the series should continue or do you think it will “never be the same,” without the author?

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