Writing Wednesday: Prompt 18


Tanner walked up to the front door with shaking hands. It was a warm summer day and the sun seemed to beam on his neck harder the closer he got. He knocked on the door with a bouquet of lilies in his hands. The sun brightened is light brown colored hair and skin.

A girl with chocolate brown hair answered the door. She looked at the flowers and smiled, “you didn’t have to do that.”

Tanner shrugged, “I heard you liked them so I thought I’d get you some.”

She continued to smile and took the flowers, “I’ll find a vase to put these in,” she said. She motioned for him to come in, her long cardigan was colored with a yellow, blue and brown pattern as it flowed to her motion. It made Tanner feel underdressed with just a plain t-shirt and khakis.

Tanner looked around the house and everything seemed quite. “Are your parents ever home?” he asked.

She sighed, “I’ve never met my mother and my father always out doing, ‘business.'” Tanner found a picture of her and him at Disney when she was a child. He had blond hair and he was in a business suit with an arm over mickey mouse and she stood on the other side.

“You never told me you’ve been to Disney Stacy,” Tanner said.

“We only went because Dad had business there, we were only at the park for an hour before he had to go back to work and I sat in a hotel.”

“Oh,” he said. Tanner watched her pour water in a vase, she found the plant food in the flowers and ripped the package. Allowing the white powder to go into the water, she stirred it with her fingers before putting the flowers in the vase. Then she set in the the middle of their worn white dinning room table. “What does your Dad do?”

“He’s the CEO of a small company,” she said. “He probably makes quite a bit, but he’s always be really frugal.”

The sun warmed Tanner as he stood in front a window near the front door. “Do you want  to go for a walk?” He asked and she nodded. They walked along a sidewalk that would soon lead them to a park. Tanner didn’t speak again until they were a few houses down from her house. “Does your Dad know that I came over here?”

Stacy laughed, “if I told him I was dying I think he’d tell me he’d be here in two business days.”

Tanner’s lips were a straight thin line, “why is he like that?”

“He says I remind him of her too much and it makes him sad.”

Tanner brushed her hand lightly as they walked. “That’s not an excuse.”

“I know,” she said. “But he doesn’t seem to care.”

When they reached the park, they saw children playing on a playground, taking turns down a slide. Swans and geese walked around the park without any boundaries. Tulips grew in the mulch that bordered the now asphalt path. They walked to a swing set that was surround by trees and bushes where they couldn’t be seen from the path. “I’m surprised your Mom let you come here,” Stacy said with a grin on her face. “She seems to be really protective of you.”

“She has to let me grow up sometime if she’s ready to or not,” Tanner said. “I try not to let their abnormalities get in my way.”

“Yeah,” she said. “But it’s hard when you still depend on them.” Stacy leaned her head on the chain of the swing she was sitting on and looked at the ground.

Tanner reached for her hand and looked into her eyes. “It won’t always be that way you know,” he said. “I know I only have a cashier job now and so do you, but things get better after high school,” he paused. “Trust me my older sister can attest to it.”

Stacy grinned, her long hair blowing softly in the wind. “Do you want to kiss me?” she asked.

Tanner looked at her and smiled, “only if you want me to.” She cupped his face with her hand and he did the same. The sun seemed to get hotter again when his lips met hers in a soft gentle kiss.


Prompt: write about someone’s first kiss


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