Tuesday Questions: What does love mean to you?

When I went to church I believed God was love -but now my ideas have changed drastcily. Now, I see that God in the religion I was in, was supposed to be some kind of symbol of love. I spent countless years praying to this God, looking for this God -now I think its better that I just search for love and not a distorted version of it.

Love -to me- means that you don’t scapegoat people. That you try your best not to separate yourself from people even through in our limited bodies its so hard to see the world outside of our own perspective. Love to me means finding a way for everyone to live happy more fulfilling lives. After watching the things my friends have gone through, I would never want to stand and watch while a God damned them to hell. I don’t think even we ourselves truly understand just what kind of experiences everyone goes through. So why do we think we already know who has the right to judge us?

Convincing people to dwell on their mistakes will only get them to look backward instead of forward. There is no going back in this world that I know of and the only way for us to be better is to acknowledge our mistakes -but keep moving forward.


What does love mean to you?

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